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Wuhan Locals Eating Bat Soup Blamed For Coronavirus Outbreak In China

Correction Note: This article has been corrected after it was rated “Partly False” by an independent fact-checker on Facebook. The title has been changed from “Bat Soup in Wuhan Suspected As Cause of Coronavirus Outbreak” to “Is There A Link Between Bat Soup and Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak?” and then, recently, to “Coronavirus & Bat Soup: No Direct Link Found Between Them”. It is to disprove the ongoing speculations referring to bat soup as the cause of the outbreak in China. In the content, it was thoroughly explained that it has yet to be confirmed by the experts thus it cannot be charged as the root.

BAT SOUP IN WUHAN – Recently, photos of Wuhan locals eating bat soup have surfaced causing some to believe that this was the cause of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Bat Soup In Wuhan Suspected As Cause Of Coronavirus Outbreak
Image from: Daily Star

Bats, like many wild animals, could potentially host bacteria and viruses. In addition, the virus was believed to be detected in a food market in Wuhan, however, it was yet to be confirmed.

According to an article from DailyStarUK, experts published a paper to the China Science Bulletin that suggested bats could host the virus. However, this was all still under speculation.

Bat Soup In Wuhan Suspected As Cause Of Coronavirus Outbreak
Image from: Daily Star

It’s not clear yet how the virus was spread to humans but scientist believes there was an unknown intermediate. This caused some to speculate that the “bat soup” might have been the missing link.

Footage of Wuhan resident eating bad soup went viral on social media earlier this week. In the video, you could see a girl eating a black bat with a pair of chopsticks.

As per the article, scientists released a statement released to the South China Morning Post that said:

“The Wuhan coronavirus’ natural host could be bats … but between bats and humans, there may be an unknown intermediate “

The virus outbreak in China had caused the government to order Wuhan to shutdown all outbound public transportation in Wuhan. In addition, residents were urged not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary.

There have been a total of 555 confirmed cases worldwide since the outbreak began mid-December of last year.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) had yet to declare the virus as a “public health emergency of international concern”. This could merit a coordinated global response to containing the virus.

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