Trump Adviser Accuses China Of Withholding COVID-19 Data

trump adviser china covid-19

China may be withholding COVID-19 data – Trump adviser Trump Adviser – Peter Navarro, the White House adviser, stated that China may be withholding data about the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). On Monday, Navarro charged this against the communist country for allegedly aiming to win the commercial race in creating the vaccine. Based on … Read more

Italy Records Highest Rise on Coronavirus Death Cases in the Country


Update on Italy Coronavirus Death Cases ITALY – The country recorded its highest rise of coronavirus death cases so far since the outbreak began. Several nations across the globe now are suffering from the impact of the 2019 coronavirus cases. The said disease was initially recorded in China and is rampant in several countries now. … Read more

JUST IN: Canada Prime Minister’s Wife Confirmed Positive for Coronavirus

Canada Prime Minister's Wife Positive Coronavirus

Wife of Canada Prime Minister Positive for Coronavirus CANADA PRIME MINISTER – The wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confirmed positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Several countries across the globe now got confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Unfortunately, many nations even have multiple and increasing number of coronavirus deaths. … Read more

France President Emmanuel Macron Orders Closure of Schools in Country

France President Emmanuel Macron

All Schools in the Country Will Be Closed Starting Monday, France President Emmanuel Macron Announces France President Emmanuel Macron ordered the closure of all schools in the country amid the fight against the new coronavirus. Several nations now are on a huge battle against the 2019 novel coronavirus or officially called as COVID-19. The said … Read more

China Blames US For Coronavirus Outbreak, Says It Originated In US

China State Media Mistranslates Foreign News & Blames US For Coronavirus CHINA BLAMES US FOR CORONAVIRUS – China had been reported to have misinterpreted a foreign report regarding the new coronavirus, COVID-19. According to reports from the Foreign Policy, clips from Taiwanese TV and mistranslated captions from American reporting are used to place blame on the United States … Read more

JUST IN: Coronavirus Now Pandemic, WHO Declares

Coronavirus Now Pandemic

WHO Announces Coronavirus Now Pandemic CORONAVIRUS NOW PANDEMIC – The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 as “pandemic”. China, Philippines, United States, Iran, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore are only among the many countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus. Currently, the Filipinos are on a tight watch for the increasing confirmed coronavirus … Read more

Negros Oriental Records 4 Patients Under Investigation & 13 Persons Under Monitoring

Negros Oriental

4 Patients Under Investigation & 13 Persons Monitored in Negros oriental NEGROS ORIENTAL – The province got four (4) patients under investigation (PUIs) and 13 persons under monitoring (PUMs). Several cities, municipalities, and provinces got patients under investigation (PUIs) and persons under monitoring (PUMs) now due to the 2019 novel coronavirus. The Philippines currently has … Read more