Netizens Criticized Ricci Rivero for Wearing “Rosary”: “Kunyare santo?”

Ricci Rivero Earns Criticisms from Netizens for Wearing “Rosary” During Interview The online community throws hilarious reactions toward basketball player Ricci Rivero for wearing a “rosary” during an interview. Ricci Rivero addressed certain difficulties with his divorce from Andrea Brillantes during an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” Andrea caught with him at the … Read more

Male Student Holds Classmate’s Rosary During Examination

Male Student

Male Student Goes Viral for Holding Classmate’s Rosary During Mid-Term Examination PRAYER REVEAL – A male student goes viral online for holding his classmate’s rosary during their mid-term examination. The Facebook post of uploader Felix Ryo featuring a photo of himself and his classmate Mariah holding a rosary has gained significant attention and engagement from … Read more

Concerned Netizen Warns vs ‘Satanic Rosary’, Shares Symbols

Concerned Netizen Warns the Public Against Alleged Satanic Rosary, Symbols A concerned netizen shared a video showing the symbols of an allegedly ‘satanic rosary’ on social media. A netizen’s video about the purportedly satanic rosary she allegedly found went popular on social media and received a lot of feedback. A woman presented the rosary’s various … Read more

Vatican Launches P5600 ‘Click To Pray’ Wearable eRosary Device

Vatican eRosary 2

Vatican Unveils P5600 ‘Click to Pray’ Wearable Rosary VATICAN – The Vatican announced the launch of the P5600 “Click to Pray” eRosary device that can be worn as a bracelet. There are over 1 billion Roman Catholics in the world. It is also the oldest and the largest religion. The leader is the Bishop of … Read more

Ex-Senator Leila De Lima Receives Gift From Pope Francis

Leila De Lima

Pope Francis Sent Gift To Former Senator Leila De Lima Former Senator Leila De Lima has expressed her gratitude towards Pope Francis for giving her a beautiful gift from the Santo Papa. On Sunday (November 26, 2017), the detained lawmaker Leila de Lima has thanked Pope Francis for the beautiful rosary she received from the … Read more

Is the Rosary the Reasons Why Pacquiao Losses to Marquez?

Manny Losses without the Rosary

After the huge defeat of the most popular boxer of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao there’s a conflicting ideas regarding the reasons why Manny Pacquiao have lost to Juan Manuel Marquez. Watch the video here. One of the most popular versions of the main reasons why Manny Pacquiao suffered his worst lost on his career is … Read more