Netizens Criticized Ricci Rivero for Wearing “Rosary”: “Kunyare santo?”

Ricci Rivero Earns Criticisms from Netizens for Wearing “Rosary” During Interview

The online community throws hilarious reactions toward basketball player Ricci Rivero for wearing a “rosary” during an interview.

Ricci Rivero addressed certain difficulties with his divorce from Andrea Brillantes during an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” Andrea caught with him at the condo, according to Ricci, was not his woman.

He further claimed that their split had nothing to do with Councilor Leren Mae Bautista. It is also false that he is in a homosexual relationship.

Ricci Rivero Rosary

The marites’ sharp eyes were drawn to what was worn around Ricci’s neck. Netizens were outraged when Ricci Rivero wore his rosary during Boy Abunda’s interview with him.

 “Bakit may pagsuot pa nang rosary? The design is very mapagpanggap. Kunyari santo, mabait. Great pretender,” said that netizen.

“Wag mo na pansinin yung biglang nagkarosary sa interview,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, Ricci and Andrea’s split has sparked internet debate and criticism, not only for Ricci but also for his family. His parents, Paolo and Abigail, are also present in the Fast Talk with Boy Abunda studio.

Ricci was accompanied by his parents, who were there to provide spiritual and emotional support. Ricci’s family is a member of the Christ’s Commission Fellowship, therefore they prayed together before and after the interview with their son to ask for the blessing and thank the Lord God.

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