Male Student Holds Classmate’s Rosary During Examination

Male Student Goes Viral for Holding Classmate’s Rosary During Mid-Term Examination

PRAYER REVEAL – A male student goes viral online for holding his classmate’s rosary during their mid-term examination.

The Facebook post of uploader Felix Ryo featuring a photo of himself and his classmate Mariah holding a rosary has gained significant attention and engagement from netizens. The post goes viral online.

In the photo, it can be observed that Felix is holding the cross of the rosary that Mariah is wearing. This detail has not gone unnoticed by netizens, who have expressed their admiration for the display of faith and camaraderie between the two students.

Male Student

In his caption, Felix also shared that he and Mariah did not change their answers during the examination, further emphasizing their bond and dedication to their studies. The photo was captured perfectly by their teacher, Sir Padz.

“We were taking our midterm exam for Semantics of English. We were almost done with the test, but there was this one item that we were debating on. Magkaiba kami ng sagot and we tried to discuss, and did so to no avail. Masyado kaming ma-prinsipyo,” Felix said.

Felix eventually realized that his answers were wrong and expressed regret for not listening to his inner thoughts.

“In the end we discovered na mali pala talaga yung sagot ko and probably should have trusted the telephatic cosmic energies that surged through the rosary and the signs na binigay ng mga multo sa Quezon Hall,” he added.

This heartwarming display of faith and friendship has touched the hearts of many who have come across the post, with some even commenting about their own experiences of friendship and spirituality.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Male Student

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