Watch: MNLF Founder Weighs In On The Presidential Election.


MNLF Founder Talks About Presidential Bet.

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founder has earlier weighed in among the presidential candidates pointing out his bets to be the successor of President Benigno Aquino III.

Nur Misuari, who founded the MNLF in the country which fought for independence against the government of the Philippines for more than three decades, shared his opinions regarding the presidential candidates.

In an interview with an international news organization, Misuari sees Davao City Mayor Duterte as the only one who can bring peace in their homeland.

Regarding on the issue with Sen. Grace Poe’s residency, the founder said he could not trust somebody whose identity is not even known.

“I’m not stupid to entrust the future of this nation, including our people, to a lady whose identity is not even known and who’s married to a foreigner whose sons are like this, like this.” he said.

Misuari revealed that Vice President Jejomar Binay was his classmate for five years until the College of Law. He said that Binay was a good person but pointed out to the rumors about his administration and that he was his first choice.

Catch the whole interview here:

Asked about his Vice Presidential bet, Misuari said he prefers Sen. Bongbong Marcos and explained that the fault of the father is not inherited by the son.

Check out the list of the candidates in National Elections.

Australian TV Anchor Says Don’t Go To PHL if Duterte Wins.

Australian TV Anchor Against Duterte.

Australian TV Anchor Reacts to Duterte’s Remark.Following his controversial remarks over the Australian missionary, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has gained the attention of an Australian news anchor who recently told his audience not to go the Philippines if he is elected as the president.

Australian TV Anchor Reacts to Duterte's Remark.

Sky News Australia television presenter Paul Murray on his April 19 commentary program showed Duterte with his infamous joke about the r_pe in 1989.

“I don’t know what’s worse: him saying…or other people actually laughing along with it,” the presenter exclaimed referring to it as “disgusting.”

He advised his audience to tear up their tickets and don’t go to the Philippines if Duterte wins and becomes the president.

Earlier Murray on his Live Facebook account, hit Duterte as a “vile man.”

The leading presidential candidate was lambasted earlier by critics because of his remark to the late Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill to which he then apologized.

Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely also criticized Duterte’s statement saying that it should never be joked or trivialized noting that violence against women and girls is unacceptable anytime and anywhere.

Earlier Duterte’s remark was also reported by foreign news organizations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Singapore-based The Straits Time, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and Gawker.

Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon earlier aired her wants to push the code of conduct for all the candidates after Duterte’s controversial remarks.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Duterte assured the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo that their rights and welfare will be taken care of if he is elected president.

Duterte met with INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo to present his program against crime, illegal drugs and corruption to the religious leader.

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Sheryl Cruz Emotional On Political Fray: ‘Leave Our Family Out.’

Sheryl Cruz Emotional on Political issues.

Sheryl Cruz Emotional.Actress Sheryl Cruz earlier expressed her side that she will not support Sen. Grace Poe’s candidacy to be the president, and earlier speculations spread that she and her mother Rosemarie Sonora will hold a press conference against the presidential bet.

sheryl cruz emotional

Sonora is sister to Susan Roces who adopted the Poe with her husband Fernando Poe Jr.

Roces and daughter Poe have kept mum regarding the issue that she will not be supported by Cruz.

In an ambush interview, Cruz pleaded to leave their family out of the political fray admitting that she and her family were already hurt by the issues coming out from news and social media.

Being emotional, Cruz asked the public to stop throwing at her and her family regarding the issue indicting that they are just simple citizens who don’t have the aspiration of gaining a government position.

In the arrival of her mother, Cruz said that there is no politics behind it.

Following the speculations that she and her mother will conduct a presscon, the 42-year-old actress insited that her mother’s recent return to the country was purely vacation.

“Couldn’t our mother visit us here without it being known to the public? Do people really need to put color into it and claim that she was wooed by some politician to come here?” she said.

According to the urban legends, Sonora is the real mother of Poe with late Ferdinand Marcos as the father which was denied by Roces.

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