Darryl Yap Slams Architect of His House: “My Brutalist House”

Darryl Yap Airs Dismay to the Architect of His New House The controversial director Darryl Yap airs disappointment against the architect of his new house over “inaccuracies”. The director of “Martyr or Murderer” recently took to Facebook to express his displeasure with the architect of the house he is building. This is purportedly owing to … Read more

Darryl Yap on FAMAS Invitation: “Hindi pagyayabang, simpleng paninindigan lamang’

darryl yap

Darryl Yap Respectfully Declines the Invitation of FAMAS Controversial director Darryl Yap respectfully declined the award-giving body FAMAS o Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards. Darryl Yap, the director of “Martyr or Murderer,” published his courteous and orderly rejection of the FAMAS invitation on Facebook. Based on the post, the Director will be … Read more

Gigi De Lana Clapback to Bashers Criticizing her New Tattoo

Gigi De Lana Reacts to Bashers Give Negative Comments to Her New Tattoo Singer Gigi De Lana clapback to bashers who give negative comments after getting her new tattoo. The singer recently took to Instagram to show off her new tattoos on her skin. Gigi shared some photographs from her ink session for her new … Read more

Maegan Aguilar Claps Back to Ex-Husband: “Estafador ka wag ka magmalinis!”

Maegan Aguilar Reacts to the Statement of Ex-Husband Against Her Former singer Maegan Aguilar expresses reactions to the statement of her ex-husband against her amid her controversial issues. Content creator and Islamic debater Bashier Sacaguing recently took to social media and speaks out against his former wife Maegan Aguilar. Sacaguing made a statement on the present … Read more

Mother of Maegan Aguilar Urges Daughter to Undergo Rehab

Maegan Aguilar Mother Urges Her to Undergo Rehab After Tested Positive for Drug Use The mother of Maegan Aguilar has urged her daughter to undergo rehabilitation after testing positive for drug use. For the first time, Maegan’s mother, Josephine Queipo, speaks out about her daughter’s case on social media. Josephine discussed her daughter’s problem with … Read more

Darryl Yap Slams Claims He Declined “The Chiefs” TV Guesting

Darryl Yap Clarifies Claims That He Allegedly Declined Guesting in “The Chiefs” Controversial director Darryl Yap clarified the claims that he allegedly declined the guesting invitation of the TV show “The Chiefs”. One News’ “The Chiefs” program recently disclosed that the director of the film “Martyr or Murderer” denied their offer to attend the show. … Read more

Dyosa Pockoh “Naloka” to Jelai Andres Invitation to Thailand

Dyosa Pockoh Posts Jelai Andres “Agad-Agad” Invitation to Thailand Vlogger and comedian Dyosa Pockoh “naloka” to the invitation of online personality Jelai Andres to him going to Thailand. Francis Valle Suayan, also known as Dyosa Pockoh, a content creator, recently recounted a humorous chat he had with vlogger-model Jelai Andres. Dyosa, along with other well-known … Read more

Toni Fowler on Her Music Video Bashers: “Pag ayaw wag panoorin”

Toni Fowler Slams Bashers After Criticizing Her New Music Video Social media influencer Toni Fowler slammed bashers who are criticizing her newly released music video. The internet personality recently took to her social media account to voice her feelings about her detractors. Toni lambasted those who have been criticizing her new music video, “MPL,” in … Read more

“Paalam Vic Sotto” Death Hoax Spreads on Social Media

Vic Sotto was Victimized by Death Hoax On Social Media Eat Bulaga host Vicente “Vic” Sotto was victimized by a death hoax with a post saying “Paalam Vic Sotto” spread on social media. Vic Sotto, the veteran comedian and Eat Bulaga host, became the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax in the Philippines when … Read more