Wilbert Tolentino Reacts to Skusta Clee Post for Bia’s Birthday

Wilbert Tolentino Shares Thoughts on Post of Skusta Clee for Bia’s Birthday

Talent manager and vlogger Wilbert Tolentino shared his thoughts to the post of Filipino rapper Skusta Clee for the birthday of his daughter Bia.

Skusta Clee’s post for daughter Bia was remarked on by a social media figure and talent manager. Skusta wished his daughter a happy 2nd birthday in a Facebook post on Friday.

Wilbert Tolentino Skusta Clee

The talent manager stated in the comments area that there is no such thing as a perfect family in the world. He stated that he had come to despise his parents. He, too, is the product of a damaged family, he claims.

 “Dto sa mundong kinatatayo natin ay walang perpektong Pamilya. karapatan ay dapat pantay. Ako nga laking Chinese conservative family, dalawang dekada ako nawala sa pamilya ko kht lagi akong bugbog sa aking magulang kht masakit sa kalooban ko at kinamumuhian ko na ang parents ko,”  he said.

He stated that even if everything was turned upside down, they were still his parents. Everything is fine in his family now. Aside from that, he left a message for the bashers to not be biased in the story.

“Pero dumating ang tym na realize ko kht balikbaliktarin natin na may mali ang magulang ko. Magulang ko parin sila. Produkto din ako ng broken family. Pero ngayon ok na lahat. Si lord din ang gagawa ng way para maging maayos,”said Wilbert.

“Kaya sa mga bashers kung makapang husga sa tao sana d nyo rin maranasan pinag daanan ng isang broken family. wag tayo maging one sided na indi natin alam punot dulo. yun lamang po,” he added in his comment.

However, it appears that netizens were not pleased with Wilbert’s remark. Some internet users chastised the talent manager for being insensitive. According to netizens, just because his family was fine does not mean that everyone’s family would be fine.

People are going through different situations, according to netizens, who also complained that the status of every broken family should not be invalidated. And it’s not fair to expect people to be okay simply because you were.

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