Gaza to Wilbert Tolentino’s Lawyer: “Mukhang barker sa Quiapo”

Xian Gaza Lashes the Lawyer of Wilbert Tolentino Following His Own Revelations Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza took a swipe against the lawyer of talent manager Wilbert Tolentino and called him ‘mukhang barker’. The “Pambansang Marites” of Xian Gaza appeared unconcerned about Wilbert Tolentino’s legal defense. The businessman used Facebook after Atty’s warning. If Toto Causing … Read more

Jay Sonza Throws Shade at Journos Complaining vs Police Visits

Jay Sonza Reacts to Journos Complaining about the Visit of Police in Their Houses Veteran journalist Jay Sonza expresses his reaction towards journos allegedly complaining about the visit of police in their houses. Sonza responded to some journalists’ complaints about the reported unexpected police visit on Facebook. Recall that other journalists protested on social media … Read more

Chie Filomeno to Valentine Rosales: “Tumigil kang clout chaser ka!”

Chie Filomeno Valentine Rosales

Chie Filomeno Lambasted Valentine Rosales and Called Him ‘Clout Chaser’ Actress Chie Filomeno lambasted social media personality Valentine Rosales and called him a ‘clout chaser’ over his comment. Rosales received scathing remarks from the former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Chie Filomeno after the latter commented on the actress’ driver’s license photo. After saying, “Kala ko … Read more

Darryl Yap Reacts to Chel Diokno Remarks to ‘Kalimutan Mo Kaya’

Darryl Yap Lashes Chel Diokno Over Remarks on ‘Kalimutan Mo Kaya’ Episode Controversial director Darryl Yap expresses his reaction to human rights lawyer Chel Diokno over his remarks on the episode of ‘Kalimutan Mo Kaya’. Yap gave his reaction to a former senatorial candidate’s statement about episode 1 of “Kalimutan Mo Kaya” featuring “Manang Imee” … Read more

Kakai Bautista ‘Sermon’ Youths Online: “Maglaba muna ng brief at panty”

Kakai Bautista ‘Sermon’ Youths Who Are Feeling Adults on Social Media Actress and comedienne Kakai Bautista sermon the youths who are pretending to be adults on social media platforms. The comedian recently got famous on Facebook after preaching to all the teenagers on social media. Kaka’s social media ‘sermon’ for feeling ‘adult’ youth is currently … Read more

Rona Samson Reacts to Body Shamers, Gives Advice: “Practice Kindness”

Rona Samson

Rona Samson Gives Advice to Body Shamers Insulting People with Body Issues RONA SAMSON – The wife of Eric “Eruption” Tai reacts to the body shamers insulting people with body issues and gives them some advice. Rona Samson-Tai, wife of Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, a Filipino-Tongan actor, athlete, TV personality, and model, has a message for … Read more