Jerry Gracio Apologized After Criticized Over Insensitive Post

Jerry Gracio Apologized to the Netizens After Insensitive Post Drew Flak

A seasoned writer and former Kapamilya party-list nominee Jerry Gracio apologized to the netizen after his Insensitive post drew criticisms.

Recently, Gracio was the talk of the town after encouraging followers to “get over” the common “all feelings are valid” sentiment. Although netizens received mixed reactions, the controversial reporting post still remains posted.

“Please, tantanan na ‘yang ‘all feelings are valid.’ Pag nagalit ka nang walang dahilan, hindi ‘yun valid. Pag nagselos ka nang walang batayan, hindi ‘yun valid,” said the writer on Monday, June 5.

“Pag nag-inarte ka dahil feeling mo maganda ka kahit pangit ka naman, hindi ‘yun valid. ‘Yung validation ng feelings ang ugat ng lahat ng inarte sa buhay,” he concluded.

Jerry Gracio Insensitive Post

In that, the writer still wants to stand the point because some of his followers are against his position. A student in thought has also come across the attitude of the previous comments.

The netizen encouraged the writer: “Think before you click and speak. Matanda na kayo for this kind of insensitivity. Also, yes, psych[ology] major po ako, in case sabihin niyong wala akong idea sa mga sinasabi ko.”

After receiving criticism, this Tuesday, June 6, Gracio extended his apology. In the end, some netizens thanked the writer after confessing and asking for a dispensation following the viral post.

“Because I’m being called out for my remarks that not all feelings are valid, I want to sincerely apologize to those who were offended. Sorry, I was insensitive, your feelings are valid,” he said in his Facebook post.

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