Elha Nympha Feiry “Hugot” Against Cheaters: “Pag cheater, cheater, periodt!”

Elha Nympha Shares Feiry “Hugot” Against Cheaters

Kapamilya singer Elha Nympha becomes controversial on social media after sharing a feiry “hugot” against cheaters.

Netizens are now discussing Elha’s harsh statements toward people who have done nothing wrong in their life by cheating. Netizens are perplexed as to who the Kapamilya singer is accusing of cheating in her social media post.

On her Facebook page, “The Voice Kids” grand champion made a daring declaration about being in a relationship with the wrong person. According to her, if someone is a cheater, they will always be a cheater.

 “’Pag cheater, cheater periodt walang echos echos gow!” she wrote.

Elha Nympha Cheaters Hugot

Following that, he emphasized the victim-blaming culture in broken relationships, saying, “Forda stop niyo ang victim blaming niyo di nakakatuwa.” Elha’s deal with with the person she was referring to did not stop there and said, “Dami sinasabi, cheater naman! Dapat i-quiet niyo nalang ang mouth ganoin!”

“Ang daming discussion hahanap pa ng butas bakit nag cheat, never niyo majujustify ang cheating yun lang un kbye!” she wrote.

“Ang sabi pwede mag cheat day! Sa pagkain po ah hindi sa relasyon ok? HAHAHAHA,” she added in her another post.

Elha did not reveal her name, although several speculated that she was related to the estranged couple Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez. Elha does not respond to her Facebook fans when they ask if her “hugot” are for Moira and Jason or if they are about her personal experience.

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