Boobay Ex-Boyfriend Speaks on Comedian Health Condition

Ex-Boyfriend of Boobay Speaks Out on His Health Condition

The ex-boyfriend of Kapuso comedian Boobay speaks out on his health condition that recently went controversial following an interview with Boy Abunda.

On Facebook, Kent Juan Resquir makes a declaration about the health of his former lover Norman Balbuena, also known as “Boobay.” He made the statement after learning what happened in an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.”

During the “Fast Talk” segment, Tito Boy asked Booba a question, and Boobay grew unresponsive and appeared to hang up. The TV host approached him fast and requested a commercial break so that Boobay could attend.

Boobay Ex-Boyfriend Health Condition

FTWBA returned 6 minutes later, and Boobay resumed regular programming. He stated that he had been accustomed to such incidents in his life since recovering from a stroke in 2016.

Tito Boy stated on the Friday episode of FTWBA that Boobay is fine and that what he experienced was a “silent seizure.” According to Kent’s Facebook post, he too suffered this event while he and Norman were still together.

 “as we settled into our hotel, I noticed something strange happening to him. At first, I thought he was just daydreaming or lost in thought, but as the days went on, I noticed it happening more frequently,” he shared.

“Boobay would suddenly stop mid-sentence and stare blankly into space for a few seconds before snapping back to reality and trying to continue the conversation as if nothing had happened,” said Kent.

He urged his ex to see a doctor because he was concerned about his ex’s condition. Boobay, on the other hand, is claimed to be “stubborn” and refuses to see a neuro-doctor. Boobay is terrified of visiting the hospital.

“I was concerned and asked him if he was feeling okay, but he brushed it off and said he was just tired from working. However, the episodes persisted throughout our trip, and I couldn’t help but worry. I was trying to give him calming massage to his hands and deep breathing exercises. We still tried to continue enjoying our trip, albeit with some caution. Still, I did heaps of monitoring,” Kent said.

“As we returned back to Manila from Palawan, I couldn’t help but think this strange event will happen to him especially in television and it did really happen. Now, I couldn’t help as I am miles away but I always remind him to pay attention to his body and seek medical help when something doesn’t feel right,” he added.

Even though they’ve been apart for a long time, Kent still worries about Boobay’s well-being. Kent, his manager, stated that when it comes to his health because he is valuable to him.

“Yes, we broke up but I still care for him. And yes, I am still his manager when it comes to his health because he is precious to me. I understand that he is going through a tough time, and I apologise and empathise with the pain that he is experiencing,” Kent stressed.

“While I want him to stay strong, I also encourage him to be kind to himself as he navigates through life’s challenges. STAY STRONG!” Kent added in his post.

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