BINI Members Criticized for Wearing Face Masks at Airport

BINI Members

Netizen Criticizes BINI Members for Wearing Face Masks at Airport to Conceal Themselves BINI – Several members of the popular Filipino girl group received criticism online for wearing face masks at the airport. Recently, Tio Moreno, a Facebook user, criticized the girl group BINI for wearing face masks upon arriving at an airport. The post … Read more

Elderly Vendor with Poor Eyesight Paid with Fake Money

Elderly Vendor Receives Fake Money as Payment Due to Poor Eyesight An elderly vendor complained about the fake money he allegedly received as payment due to his poor eyesight. An old vendor lost P900, which is equivalent to two days’ income when someone bought him a facemask for P100 and paid him with fake P1,000 … Read more

Notorious Lady Hold-upper Jailed After Accosted for Fake Mask Violation

Lady Not Wearing Face Mask Jailed After Discovered as Notorious Hold-upper Police authorities arrested a lady who was discovered as a notorious hold-upper after being accosted for not wearing a face mask. After being apprehended by police for not wearing a facemask in Binangonan, Rizal, a lady was sent to jail. This after, she was … Read more

Man Nabbed After Illegal Drug Hidden on Face Mask Allegedly Fell

Man Scolded Over Face Mask Arrested After Illegal Drug Caught in Possession Police authorities arrested a man after an illegal drug allegedly fell from his face mask after being scolded for not wearing it while in public. Mark Gregory Mendoza, 36, a resident of Brgy. Eastwood, Quezon City Police District (QCPD), was arrested by the … Read more