Elderly Vendor with Poor Eyesight Paid with Fake Money

Elderly Vendor Receives Fake Money as Payment Due to Poor Eyesight

An elderly vendor complained about the fake money he allegedly received as payment due to his poor eyesight.

An old vendor lost P900, which is equivalent to two days’ income when someone bought him a facemask for P100 and paid him with fake P1,000 in Cebu. The elderly vendor was identified as 68-year-old Amantar Sabdullah.

Elderly Vendor Fake Money

The day before he was defrauded, Sabdullah shuttered his shop and kept his products, according to a report from GMA News. He went right away to the barangay to report the event and turn in the fake currency.

According to the victim’s daughter, Sabdullah’s eyes are so hazy that he can’t be told apart from counterfeit money by gazing at it. Police were informed by the victim’s daughter that the suspect had paid P1,000 and had purchased two packs of masks for P100.

Aisha said that a woman spotted the man who bought the mask and then went to her father when she was questioned how her father knew the money was false. She asked her father if she might see the money the man received from the man.

The daughter later clarified that her father had shown the woman the money and had said it was phony. The victim regretted his deal because the real P900 was equal to his two days’ worth of wages.

Aisah said that he didn’t see it because it was new and that he is now happy because he sold something. Aisah claimed that her father was disturbed as a result of the incident and refused to accept the entire amount of P1,000 and P500.

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