Video of Cops Issuing Ticket to Customer For Not Wearing Face Mask in Restaurant Goes Viral

The cops earned criticisms online after issuing a ticket to a customer for not wearing face mask inside of a restaurant.

The Facebook page “Batang 90’s” has shared the video footage of several police officers issuing ticket to a customer for not wearing a face mask inside of a restaurant. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the police officers apprehended a male customer inside of an eatery for allegedly violating the health safety protocols. The cops explained that they will give him a violation ticket for not wearing a face mask.

Face Mask

The male customer explained that he removed his face mask inside the establishment while waiting for their order. The guy refused to obey since he was inside the building and about to eat their meal.

After a few moments, the police authorities used force to implement the law but the tension rises. The confrontation leads to intense commotion making the male customer’s daughter cry due to the incident.

Eventually, the man accepted the ticket to end the argument and commotion at the eatery. He listened to the cops and signed the violation ticket. The scenery end in a peaceful manner after the cops leaves the establishment.

The video has a caption of:

“GRABE NAMAN , ganto ba ang tamang pag TICKET sa tao”

Face Mask

The social media users expressed their disappointment and fury towards the policemen for showing such behavior in front of a young kid:

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