Pinay Businesswoman Brings Filipino Sorbetes in Belgium


Pinay Entrepreneur Starts Filipino Sorbetes Business in Belgium A Pinay business woman named Kamille Rodriguez together with her husband have started a “Sorbetes” business in Belgium. In 2013, Kamille moved to Belgium to work as a part-time nurse at a hospital. Initially, she experienced hardships and difficulties working abroad due to the language barrier. It … Read more

Belgium Urged Residents to Eat More Fries to Save Potato Industry

Belgium Urged to Eat More Fries to Save Potatoes from Being Waste Belgium has urged residents to eat frozen fries twice a week to save the potato industry and potatoes from being waste amid coronavirus pandemic. Due to coronavirus lockdown implemented to contain the spread of the virus, restaurants, bars, and many Belgium stores that … Read more

MEET: Filipina Founder Of The World’s First Belgian Tableya

Filipina Founder Belgian Tableya 6

Marielle Flores is the Filipina Founder of the World’s First Belgian Tableya FILIPINA FOUNDER – Meet the Filipina founder of the World’s First Belgian Tableya, Marielle Flores. Spaniards are the one who introduced cocoa tree into the Philippines and the rest of Asia. The bean of the cocoa can turn into very delicious chocolate. The … Read more

Donated Relief Goods For Super Typhoon Yolanda Victims Wasted

Relief Goods

Donated Relief Goods For Typhoon Yolanda Victims Gets Spoiled And Wasted Relief goods donated by Belgium and foreign countries for typhoon Yolanda victims gets spoiled and wasted after neglecting it for years. Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated some areas of the country and destroyed numerous properties. It also took almost thousands of people’s lives and leave … Read more