Manny Pacquiao Clarifies Meeting w/ PRRD: ‘Tuloy ang laban’

manny pacquiao pres. rodrigo duterte

Manny Pacquiao released this statement about his meeting with the President Senator Manny Pacquiao made this clarification after his “friendly talk” with President Rodrigo Duterte. The two national government officials “renewed their friendship” after they exchanged fiery words against each other. Senator Bong Go shared that he was the one who requested the meeting. Pacquiao … Read more

Bam Aquino Shares Emotional Message After Senate Race Loss

bam aquino

Bam Aquino’s Emotional Message About Senate Race Loss Goes Viral BAM AQUINO – Re-electionist Sen. Bam Aquino shared an emotional message about his loss in the 2019 senate elections. Politician Paolo Benigno Aguirre Aquino IV or better known as Bam Aquino is the cousin of former president Nonoy Aquino. The 42-year-old social entrepreneur has two … Read more

Winning Senators And Their Targeted Committees

Here Are The Winning Senator’s Anticipated Positions WINNING SENATORS – The newly elected Senators already mentioned their picks of which committee in the Senate did they want to manage. Yesterday, the proclamation was made for the winning senatorial candidates. They also took an oath as they transitioned into becoming officially elected senators. Long before they … Read more

Camarines Norte Voters Confused About Local Election Result

The Voters Of Camarines Norte Are Still Confused About The Results Of The Recent Local Elections CAMARINES NORTE – Edgardo Tallado won the 2019 elections against opponent Catherine Barcelona-Reyes and voters are left confused. After the 2019 midterm elections were conducted, the results for the local elections were released quite earlier. In Camarines Norte, two … Read more

NAMFREL Asked For Comelec To Reveal Their Central Server’s Location

This Election Watchdog Requested Comelec To Reveal The Location Of Their Central Server NAMFREL – National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections says Comelec should reveal the location of their central server to disprove cheating allegations. After the recently conducted elections, the results were announced recently. Many people following the election updates were dismayed that reports … Read more

VIDEO: Bong Revilla, Imee Marcos Gives Messages To Bashers

Bong Revilla and Imee Marcos 1

Bong Revilla, Imee Marcos Call on Critics to Stop the Hate BONG REVILLA – Politicians Bong Revilla and Imee Marcos gave a message to their bashers. Filipino politicians Bong Revilla and Imee Marcos are considered one of the most controversial senatorial candidates. Imee’s father Ferdinand Marcos ruled the whole country as a dictator under martial … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Election 2019 Senatorial Race Winners Proclaimed By Comelec

Election 2019 Senatorial Race Winners

Comelec Proclaims Winners of Election 2019 Senatorial Race ELECTION 2019 – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) proclaimed the winners of the senatorial race. The wait is over for the Filipino populace and most especially the senatorial candidates in the Election 2019. The Comelec is done with the tallying of the certificates of canvass (COCs). Initially, … Read more

ELECTION 2019 Results: 12 Winning Senators And Their Backgrounds

Here’s A Short Overview Of The Backgrounds Of The Winning Senators ELECTION 2019 – After the nationwide 2019 midterm polls on May 13, the winning candidates for the senatorial seats were already decided. Out of all the running candidates for the senatorial post, only 12 were selected to do the job. And the Filipino voters … Read more