Menstrual Leave Bill Has Negative Effect on Economy – Lacson

Ping Lacson Claims Paid Menstrual Leave Bill Can Cause Negative Effect on Economy

Former senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson claimed that the proposed “menstrual leave” bill can cause a negative effect on the economy.

After criticizing the proposed bill for women, the former senator and presidential contender made another statement about it. The bill in question is the two-day paid menstruation break for women who have their monthly period.

According to Lacson, its implementation may have a negative influence on the Philippine economy. Gabriela Partylist Representative recently filed. Arlene Brosas introduced House Bill No. 7758, often known as the “Menstrual Leave Act,” to provide at least two paid menstrual vacation days to female employees in both the private and public sectors.

Lacson Menstrual Bill Negative

According to Hum Reprod Update, primary dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation, affects 45 to 95 percent of menstrual women. During their periods, MRS patients have lower scores in several domains of quality of life, such as general health, physical, mental, social, and occupational functioning, Brosas explained in his explanatory note.

“There is a need to provide women with the flexibility and support they need to manage their reproductive health without the fear of negative consequences such as losing pay, falling behind in work, or facing disciplinary action. Thus, the immediate passage of this bill is earnestly being sought,” said Brosas.

If the idea is approved, the country’s “economic and political stability” may suffer, according to Lacson. Many firms may be unable to sustain an additional 24 days of paid menstrual leave per year, he says.

“Many employers may not be able to sustain an additional 24 days a year of menstrual leave with pay on top of 105 days of maternity leave; 7 days of paternity leave; 5 days of sick leave and; 13-18 days of vacation leave every year (converted to cash if unused),” said Lacson.

“It may cause layoffs, shops closing, joblessness leading to economic, political and social instability,” he added. “It is good to be perceived as pro-labor, especially among the 49 percent women population, but we should also take into consideration the long-term effect on the country’s investment climate in particular and the economy in general,” he added in his tweet.

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