Rendon Shares “Sunday Realization” on Flop Event: “Baka fans ni Coco palamunin”

Rendon Labador Slams Coco Martin’s Fans and Shares “Sunday Realization” Following Flop Event

Social media personality Rendon Labador throws shade on the fans of actor-director Coco Martin and “Sunday Realizations” following the flop grand opening event.

The so-called motivational speaker resorted to social media to express his disappointment over the failure of his restaurant’s grand opening. Rendon’s sports bar’s big opening was canceled since no one purchased tickets.

Labador appears to have blamed the failure of his grand opening on the supporters of “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” director and lead star Coco Martin. He referred to them as “palamunin.”

Rendon Sunday Realizations

Rendon shared his “Sunday Realizations” in a Facebook post regarding his zero ticket sales for his bar kitchen’s big opening show. He speculated that Coco’s admirers were “palamunin” and “walang pera” because they couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to his business’s grand opening.

“Ang asessments ko sa nangyari na Zero Ticket Sales sa grand opening concert ng @episodebarandkitchen kagabi ay ganito…” he first wrote in his post.

“Una: Masyadong madamdamin ang mga fans ni Coco. Pinersonal ako. Pangalawa: Baka lahat ng fans ni Coco ay palamunin lang, kaya kahit 2,000 Ticket ay hindi ma afford.”

“Ibig sabihin lahat ng fans ni Coco ay walang mga pera. Sabagay magkakaibigang market naman talaga,” he concluded in his post.

Previously, Labador chastised Coco Martin’s “Batang Quiapo” for interfering with others attempting to make a living in the area. The sellers stated that the taping distracted them and cost them sales.

The star, according to the influencer, is generating problems for Quiapo sellers. He told him he had to leave if he didn’t pay for any damages or losses caused by his presence.

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