Menstrual Leave Bill Has Negative Effect on Economy – Lacson

Ping Lacson Claims Paid Menstrual Leave Bill Can Cause Negative Effect on Economy Former senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson claimed that the proposed “menstrual leave” bill can cause a negative effect on the economy. After criticizing the proposed bill for women, the former senator and presidential contender made another statement about it. The bill in question … Read more

Community Quarantine Prevented Economic Recession in PH – Salceda

ommunity quarantine PH economy

Rep. Salceda said that community quarantine has this effect on PH’s economy Albay Congressman Joey Salceda said that the community quarantine that was implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 also prevented the economic recession in the Philippines. Amid the health crisis in the country, there were those who went against the Luzon-wide quarantine. However, … Read more

PH Economy Predicted to Drop by P1.96 Billion Over Boracay Shutdown


Boracay’s temporary closure predicted to cut down Philippine’s GDP by P1.96 billion BORACAY- The Philippine Economy is expected to drop by P1.96 Billion in arrears to the impending 6-month closure of the country’s popular travel destination- Boracay Island. In a previous report, President Duterte approved the total shutdown of all maneuvers in the island for … Read more

Philippine Economy Remains As One Of The Fastest In Asia

Philippine Economy

Philippine Economy Remains As One Of The Fastest Growing Economy In Asia The Philippine economy remains among the fastest in Asia, despite it has slowed in previous quarters under the Duterte administration Despite the slow down on the growth of the Philippine economy during the previous quarters, it was still among the fastest growing economy … Read more

Philippines Ranks As World’s 10th Fastest Growing Economy In 2017

10th Fastest Growing Economy

Philippines, Now The 10th Fastest Growing Economy Worldwide The World Bank’s latest edition of Global Economic Prospects ranked the Philippines as the world’s 10th fastest growing economy in 2017. The Philippines is currently the 10th fastest economy not only in Asia but all around the world in 2017. The economy of the country is expected … Read more

President Duterte Supports, Allow PRA To Sued 80 Reclamation Projects

Reclamation Projects

Duterte Express Supports To PRA’s 80 Reclamation Projects Despite Oppositions President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his support to the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) in implementing more than 80 reclamation projects. The president allows PRA to implement more than 80 reclamation projects despite the potential opposition from several environmentalists. Solar City communication and business district in Manila … Read more

Philippine Economic Growth Slows Down to a Three-Year Low of 5.2%

The country’s economic growth for the first quater of 2015 slowed down to a three-year low of 5.2% which is considered as well below forecasts, due to lethargic government spending and weak exports according to government officials who released the latest Philippine economic growth report this year. The growth rate this year was lower than … Read more