Robin Padilla Asked by Korina Sanchez If He Sees Himself as President in the Future

Robin Padilla Interviewed by Korina Sanchez on Being Senator, Political Goals & the Possibility of Running for President

ROBIN PADILLA – Korina Interviews host Korina Sanchez asked the actor-turned-Senator if he sees himself as president in the future.

During the May 2022 Elections, one of the victorious senate candidates was now-Senator Robin Padilla. He ranked first in the senatorial race. It was his first time to join the national elections.

Before joining the political arena in the Philippines, Robin made a name in the showbiz industry. He was tagged as the “Bad Boy” in show business for the role he portrays and as an action star.

During a recent interview with Korina Sanchez for Korina Interviews which was streamed in Net25, Robin Padilla spoke about his goal as a lawmaker. According to him, he really wants to make changes on the constitution of the Philippines.

Robin Padilla, Korina Sanchez
Screengrabbed: YouTube/Net25

According to Robin, he wants the Filipinos and the constitution to learn to adjust to the modern society. He revealed that he really asked Senate President Migz Zubiri to give him the committee that will tackle the Constitution because of the said goal.

“Dapat ang Saligang Batas natin may kinalaman na sa 2023,” the Senator said.

During the interview, Korina Sanchez asked Robin Padilla if he sees himself as president of the country in the future to which the actor-turned-Senator answered in the negative. According to him, there are a lot of other people who better fit the position.

“Mas marami pong magagaling. Naniniwala po akong mas kaya nila,” Sen. Robin expressed.

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  1. I like the answer of Robin Padilla during the interview by Korina …if he is like to be president in the future: His answer is there a lots people are qualified than him.


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