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MMDA Chief Shows Bad Sides of Disobeying Traffic Policy

MMDA Chief Shows Bad Sides of Disobeying Traffic Policy

Bad Sides or Negative Effects of Disobeying Traffic Policy Shown by MMDA Chief

MMDA chief Edison Bong Nebrija has showed the negative effects or bad sides of disobeying the traffic policy.

Edison Bong Nebrija posted the negative effects of not following the traffic rules and regulations on his Facebook account. The post is now circulating online elicits comments from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that the bus accidentally hits a motorcycle rider who entered the busway. The bus driver did his best to avoid the motorcycle rider but he failed to make it due to narrow path.

MMDA Chief

Nebrija reminded the public regarding the traffic policy when it comes to the bus way. He told the traffic violators who have been caught for defying the traffic rules and regulations to be thankful.

The MMDA traffic czar revealed that two families are now grieving after the motorcycle rider passed away due to the incident, the bus driver’s family is struggling and fearing that he might go to jail.

Aside from the charges, the bus company would spend some amount of cash for the repair of the vehicle and the government will also spend for the damaged plant box in EDSA.

MMDA Chief

Here is the full post:

Like what we’ve been saying sa mga riders na pumapasok sa busway sana makita nyo nakikita naming aksidente para magpasalamat kayo sa panghuhuli namin sa loob ng busway.

Two families are now grieving that of the rider and that of the bus driver who needs to go through the investigation and probably jail time. Not to mention the amount of repair for the bus by the operator and the damage to the plant box of EDSA.

With what the photos show, the bus driver did everything to avoid the rider to the point of sacrificing his and that of his passengers safety.

But then again Waze needs to check their algorithm because the North Ave U Turn has been closed for a long time now and yet it keeps on directing riders towards it. Anyway may barriers naman dyan.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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