Passengers Quickly Left Bus After Someone Drops Fart Bomb


Several Passengers Immediately Left Bus Due to Fart Bomb Numerous passengers quickly left a province bus after someone dropped a fart bomb inside the public utility vehicle. Farts are natural bodily functions that happen when air and gas in the digestive system are released through the anus. They can occur for various reasons, such as … Read more

Vallacar Transit Inc. Summons & Probes Conductor Allegedly Shouting at Passenger Over Fare

Vallacar Transit Inc.

Bus Conductor Who Allegedly Shouts at Female Passenger Asking for Her Change Summoned by Vallacar Transit Inc. Vallacar Transit Inc. summoned and probed a conductor accused of shouting at a passenger who asked for change. Jade Marquez, the media and relations officer of Vallacar Transit Inc., has announced that they have summoned the conductor accused … Read more

Nursing Student Assists Pregnant Woman in Giving Birth Inside Bus in La Union

Nursing Student

Nursing Student Receives Praise for Assisting Pregnant Woman’s Bus Birth A nursing student earns admiration from the online community for helping a pregnant woman give birth inside a bus in La Union. Nursing students are individuals studying to become nurses. They learn about the human body, different medical conditions, and how to provide care for … Read more

Architecture Student Dies After bus Plows Waiting Area Inside Mall

Architecture Student

An architecture student lost his life after a public utility bus plowed through the waiting area inside a mall in Barangay Ibayo, Balanga. The driver accidentally pressed the accelerator pedal prompting the bus to move forward and hit the wall, which ultimately fell onto the waiting passengers. Jen Orviel Titulo was declared dead on arrival … Read more

20-Year-Old Student Lost His Life After Bus Rams Terminal

20-Year-Old Student

20-Year-Old Student in Balanga, Bataan Dies After Being Involved in Bus Accident BALANGA, BATAAN – A 20-year-old student tragically lost his life after a bus accidentally rammed the terminal. Bus accidents are unfortunate events that can happen on our roads, affecting the lives of those involved. It occurs when a bus, a large vehicle designed … Read more

Victory Liner Issues Official Statement on Viral Shooting Incident

Victory Liner

Victory Liner Releases Official Statement Over Disturbing Incident in Nueva Ecija VICTORY LINER INCIDENT – The Victory Liner Inc. has issued an official statement on the viral shooting incident in Nueva Ecija. Over the past few days, Victory Liner Inc. has become one of the most trending topics on social media after a disturbing video … Read more

Bus Hits 9-Year-Old Girl on Pedestrian Lane in Davao City


Bus Accidentally Hit 9-Year-Old Girl on Pedestrian Lane, Victim Lost Her Life A bus accidentally hit a nine-year-old girl on a pedestrian lane in Davao City, resulting in the loss of the young victim’s life. Nowadays, road accidents have become increasingly prevalent, not only in the Philippines but also in various countries worldwide. These accidents … Read more

Batangueña Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na”

Batangueña Vlogger

Batangueña Vlogger Earns Praise Online After Sharing Inspiring Story A Batangueña vlogger has recently captured the hearts of online audiences with her inspiring story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na” The Facebook page Rice Cupp shared her inspiring story from being a bus commuter to riding an airplane. The post immediately spread … Read more

Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip, Cop Takes Over Stirring Wheel

Bus Driver

Police Man Rescues Passengers After Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip A bus driver suffered a stroke during the trip but a brave cop takes over the stirring wheel and rescue to the passengers. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the major traffic problems in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. It usually … Read more