Broken Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway After Fooled by GF

EDSA Busway

Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway for Being Broken-hearted Due to His Girlfriend Authorities successfully stopped an alleged broken-hearted man who runs amok in EDSA Busway after being fooled by his girlfriend. InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) posted on Facebook that a man is reported to have been yelling before vanishing after discovering that his … Read more

MMDA Chief Shows Bad Sides of Disobeying Traffic Policy

MMDA Chief

Bad Sides or Negative Effects of Disobeying Traffic Policy Shown by MMDA Chief MMDA chief Edison Bong Nebrija has showed the negative effects or bad sides of disobeying the traffic policy. Edison Bong Nebrija posted the negative effects of not following the traffic rules and regulations on his Facebook account. The post is now circulating … Read more