Driver of Sports Car at EDSA Bus Lane Ignores Summon of LTO

EDSA Sports Car

Sports Car Driver Ignores Ignores Summon of LTO After Passing at EDSA Bus Lane The driver of the sports car that was spotted passing at the EDSA bus lane ignored the summon of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). After receiving a show cause order from the LTO, the driver was supposed to appear at their … Read more

Broken Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway After Fooled by GF

EDSA Busway

Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway for Being Broken-hearted Due to His Girlfriend Authorities successfully stopped an alleged broken-hearted man who runs amok in EDSA Busway after being fooled by his girlfriend. InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) posted on Facebook that a man is reported to have been yelling before vanishing after discovering that his … Read more

Missing 16-Year-Old Found Dead Inside 40-Foot Deep Hole in EDSA


Missing 16-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Inside a 40-Foot Deep Hole in EDSA Missing 16-year old boy who has been missing for days has been found dead inside a 40-feet deep hole excavation at the center island in near Bansalingin Street, Quezon City, Wednesday Afternoon, August 17. Raniel Reano, who was been reported missing for four … Read more

Cigarette Vendor Caught Selling Illegal Drugs in EDSA

Cigarette Vendor

Cops Arrest Cigarette Vendor For Selling Illegal Drugs in EDSA QUEZON CITY – A cigarette vendor has been caught while selling illegal drugs along the portion of EDSA at a footbridge in Ermin Garcia Ave. Nowadays, the proliferation of illegal drugs has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in various countries … Read more

MMDA Apprehends Truck Drivers Passing at EDSA Amid Truck Ban

Truck Ban

MMDA Issues Citation Ticket to Truck Drivers Passing at EDSA MMDA personnel apprehended the alleged hard-headed truck drivers who were passing along EDSA amid truck ban. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is an agency of the Republic of the Philippines implementing the planning, monitoring and coordinative functions along the road concerning purely local matters. The agency covers the cities … Read more

MMDA Chief Shows Bad Sides of Disobeying Traffic Policy

MMDA Chief

Bad Sides or Negative Effects of Disobeying Traffic Policy Shown by MMDA Chief MMDA chief Edison Bong Nebrija has showed the negative effects or bad sides of disobeying the traffic policy. Edison Bong Nebrija posted the negative effects of not following the traffic rules and regulations on his Facebook account. The post is now circulating … Read more

Social Media Influencer Senyora Airs Dismay Over Her “Baliktad” Billboard

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Senyora Expressed Disappointment Over Her “Baliktad” Billboard Along EDSA The social media influencer Senyora has expressed her disappointment over her ‘Baliktad’ billboard along EDSA. The internet celebrity “Senyora” has shared the photos of her billboard along EDSA, which is installed on reverse. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered … Read more

EDSA Traffic Expected As Skyway Stage 3 Begins Toll Fee

MMDA Tells Private Vehicle Owners Traffic Expected In EDSA Due To Skyway Tolls EDSA TRAFFIC EXPECTED – According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), people can expect traffic starting Monday. Recently, Skyway Stage 3 announced they would start requiring a toll fee from private vehicle owners. As such, MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos said: Kung sa … Read more