Liza Soberano as Alexandra Trese Criticized, Director Reacts To This

Here’s the reaction of producer-director Jay Oliva when Liza Soberano received comments voice acting Alexandra Trese.

LIZA SOBERANO – Jay Oliva reacted to the mixed reactions Liza Soberano has received being the voice of Alexandra Trese’s character.

Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo Filipino graphic novel entitled “Trese” has been turned into an anime shown on Netflix. Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano is the voice behind the character in the Tagalog version while Filipino-Canadian actress Shay Mitchell is her counterpart for the English version.

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However, after it has been released, people online aired their mixed reactions to her monotoned voice in the series. Voice actor Inka Magnaye reacted to the backlash and expressed that the actress’ voice acting is not as bad as how others have described it.

She said that her voice is “perfect for the character” giving a “great balance of youthfulness and grim” to it. But also stressed, on the other hand, that she could have added a dimension to it putting on a little exaggeration since it’s the voice that’s giving life and emotion to the anime character.  

Ogie Diaz also defended her saying that her performance was actually commended. To recall, she was handpicked to voice Trese. And with all the mixed reactions such an issue has drawn, the producer-director of Trese, Jay Oliva, shared that the character must be “cold and unemotional” given her past experiences.

And for him, both Liza and Shay gave him better outcomes compared to what they have envisioned it to be. He praised both actresses for bringing “unique performances that was better”. Even other language actors also did great.

He has also added, “So whether you like one more than the other or if you like them both I think the thing to celebrate the most is that we have brought Filipino mythology and lore to the world and world is responding by how much they love it!”


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