Liza Soberano ‘Trese’: Voice Actor Inka Magnaye Gives Honest Review

Inka Magnaye reacted to the ‘Trese’ stint of Liza Soberano

Voice actor Inka Magnaye gave her honest review on the dubbing that actress Liza Soberano did for Netflix’s anime series ‘Trese’.

This dubbing stint of Liza received various reactions from avid Netflix viewers, fans of award-winning Filipino comic book series, and netizens who are simply curious about this project.

Liza Soberano Trese
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Those who are criticizing the young actress commented that she sounded “monotonous”. However, many people also defended that it was just fit for the character of Alexandra Trese.

Liza’s talent manager Ogie Diaz also defended her saying that it was Netflix who believed in the talent of the actress and she was really handpicked for the project.

inka magnaye
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In line with this issue, Inka Magnaye, who is known as the voice behind The Philippines Airlines and numerous voice acting projects, got honest about this stint of Liza Soberano.

Through her series of tweets, Inka said that Liza’s voice is “perfect for the character” because it got a “great balance of youthfulness and grim.” On the other hand, she stressed that Liza could have used a little more “exaggeration” for an added dimension.

Inka also stressed that it was not “monotonous”. “She has dynamics in her delivery. However, she DOES tend to deliver her lines in almost the exact same cadence, and people confuse that with monotony,” the voice actor said.

She added that when she watched ‘Trese’ she was switching in viewing the other language dubs. Inka praised Shay Mitchell, especially how she delivered the Filipino incantations.

The voice actor stressed that Liza Soberano could have benefitted from the nuances but she understands why it did not happen because it was not that easy.

“This is the nuance that Liza Soberano’s dub would have benefited from, but it’s not that easy to do so it’s understandable! Not even all VAs can do that. It’s something very trainable though, and an actress like her will surely be able to get that down with practice!” Inka Magnaye said.

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