PWD Man Asks for Alms to Support Family & Send Kids to College

Video of PWD Man Asking Alms to Support Family and Send Kids to College Goes Viral

A PWD man identified as Saturnino Villas is asking alms to support the financial necessities of his family and to send his kids to college.

A kind-hearted YouTuber named Jojo Alvasan has shared the video footage of his encounter with disabled man Saturnino Villas begging at an overpass to earn money. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that Tatay Saturnino has no arms and asking alms from the kind individuals in order to earn money. The disabled man wants to support the basic needs of his family especially the study of his children.


The poor man narrated he lost his both arms due to dynamite fishing and he had no other source of income aside from begging. The beggar uses his income to buy food and to support the studies of his two kids who were in college.

Alvasan took pity and gave him P500 as help for his family. A day after their first meeting, Jojo returned at the overpass and gave another P1, 500, which came from Laura Beraquit. The old man seems to be happy after receiving the money.

The elderly man is also struggling to move and not eating lunch daily because no one would assist him whenever he go to the comfort room.


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