Group of Kids Show Compassion by Helping Elderly Man


Group of Kids Earn Praises From Netizens for Showing Compassion to Elderly Man A group of kids went viral and earned praise online for showing compassion by helping an elderly man find a missing bell. Kindness is more than just being respectful; it is an authentic display of compassion, sensitivity, and understanding for others. Acts … Read more

Bride Shares Video of Kids Playing ‘Lato-Lato’ During Her Bridal Entrance


Lovely Bride Caught Kids Playing ‘Lato-Lato’ During Her Bridal Entrance A lovely bride has shared the video footage of several kids playing “lato-lato” during her bridal entrance. In the world of social media, unexpected moments have a way of capturing the attention and laughter of netizens. One such instance involves a video shared by Mitch … Read more

5 Kids Fell Ill After Eating Frogs, Youngest Sibling Dies


5 Kids Eat Frogs While Their Mom is Away, Youngest Sibling Dies A tragic incident in Dipolog City left five children sick after eating frogs; the youngest sibling died as a result of the incident. The incident left one child dead and four others hospitalized after they ate frogs as a source of food. The children, … Read more