Disabled Man Serves as Inspiration For Working Amid Disability

Disabled Man Earns Praises From Netizens For Working Hard Despite Disability A disabled man goes viral and received praises from the netizen for serving as inspiration to the public despite his disability. Persons with Disability or popularly known as “PWD” usually face multiple and compounding forms of discrimination, on the basis of disability. PWD refers … Read more

Heartbreaking Photos of PWD Man Using Skateboard to Pass Streets Elicit Reactions


PWD Man Using Skateboard to Pass Streets Breaks Hearts of Netizens The heartbreaking photos of a PWD man using a skateboard to pass along the streets elicit reactions online. Previously, the Commission on Human Rights has expressed its concern towards Persons with Disability after the photo of a disabled person climbing a stairway goes viral after it … Read more

PWD Delivery Rider w/ Steel Leg Earns Praises From Netizens

PWD Delivery Rider

PWD Delivery Rider w/ Steel Leg Earns Praises From Online Community A PWD delivery rider who is working hard although his one leg is just made of steel earned praises from the online community. The Facebook page “Avril Avril Avril” has shared the inspiring photos of a hardworking disabled delivery rider with only one leg. … Read more

PWD Vendor Sells Goods Despite Disability Just To Earn Money

PWD Vendor

Heartbreaking Photos of PWD Vendor Selling Goods Despite Disability Earns Praises Online A PWD vendor is selling goods despite his disability and physical condition just to earn money to support his daily cost of living. A Facebook user named Melbert Carreon has shared the photos of a poor disabled vendor selling condiments despite his physical … Read more

PWD Man Works Hard To Earn Money for Family Despite Disability


PWD Man Works Hard Despite Disability Just Support Family The inspiring photos of a PWD man working hard just to earn money for his family despite disability earned various reactions online. Nowadays, a lot of business establishments and employers are hiring Persons with Disabilities as employees. The employers just wanted to give the disabled people … Read more

Disabled Man Collects Junks to Earn Money Despite Condition

Disabled Man

Disabled Man Works Hard To Make A Living Despite Disability The heartbreaking photos of a disabled man collecting junks just to earn money despite his physical condition earns reactions online. A lot of disabled people could be seen begging along the streets just to earn money but some of them choose to work despite their … Read more