Student Not Qualified to Enroll Due to 2 Years Gap in College


School Reportedly Denies Student Enrollment Due to 2 Years Gap in College LA CARLOTA CITY – A school in Negros Occidental has reportedly denied enrollment to a student who took a two-year break from its study. College education has long been considered a gateway to personal growth, career opportunities, and societal progress. While the landscape … Read more

BSEd Student After Graduation “Ligtas na tayo sa chismis na mabubuntis nang maaga”

BSEd Student

BSEd Student Expresses Thoughts About Common Societal Pressure After Graduation A BSEd student has gone viral and earned reactions online after expressing her thoughts following graduation, saying, “Ligtas na tayo sa chismis na mabubuntis nang maaga”. Graduating from college is an important turning point in one’s life, and it is sometimes accompanied by a mixture … Read more

65-Year-Old Woman Graduates College: “Education Has No Age Limit”

65-Year-Old Woman

65-Year-Old Woman Graduates College Despite Old Age A 65-year-old woman, Florencia Pagaduan, recently graduated from Korbel Foundation College, Inc. in the city of Koronadal, majoring in BSBA Marketing Management. The elderly woman’s incredible achievement serves as a powerful reminder that age should never be a barrier to pursuing education and realizing one’s dreams. Florencia Pagaduan, … Read more

Angkas Rider Shares Inspiring Journey to Finish College

Motorcycle Taxi Rider

Angkas Rider Earns Praises After Sharing His Education Journey An Angkas rider earns praises from the online community after sharing his inspiring journey in completing his education. A social media post by a rider named Kleiy Zarus Esca Lona has gained admiration and praise as he shared his story of perseverance in completing his education. … Read more

Siblings Salute Janitor Parents for Giving Them Chance to Finish College


Siblings Praise Janitor Parents for Working Hard to Send Them to College Siblings salute their janitor parents for giving them the chance to complete their college education amid poverty. In a touching Facebook post, netizen Riel Gutierrez shared a story that encapsulates the milestone achieved by their parents as they witnessed their two children complete … Read more

Mother & Daughter Graduate College Together


Mother & Daughter Earn Praises Online for Graduating College Together A mother and daughter graduate college together and earned their Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education degrees. It is never too late to achieve your dreams in life. Regardless of your age, there is still time to fulfill your aspirations. Just like this mother and daughter … Read more

Cadet Proudly Announced “Anak ako ng isang rider” as he Graduates From College


Cadet Brags “Anak ako ng isang rider” as he Flexes Dad’s Grab Uniform A cadet named Juan Carlos Gonzales Soriano proudly announced “Anak ako ng isang rider” as he graduates from college. “Are you a child of God?” This question echoed repeatedly within Soriano’s academy, especially during his plebe year (4th class). Being referred to … Read more

3 Hardworking Grab Riders Graduate From College

Hardworking Grab Riders

3 Hardworking Grab Riders Graduate From College After Years of Hardships Three hardworking Grab drivers expressed their indescribable happiness after they graduated from college. A Facebook user named Mark Lawrence Rance has shared photos of himself with two of his Grab rider friends after they have graduated from college. The post immediately spread like a … Read more

42-Year-Old Chicharon Vendor in Cebu City Graduates College

Chicharon Vendor

Netizens Praise 42-Year-Old Chicharon Vendor After Graduating College CEBU CITY – A 42-year-old chicharon vendor in Cebu City finally graduates from college after years of hard work. The chicharon vendor identified as Jesus Fuentes goes viral online after he completed his college education. His store immediately spread like a wildfire online and served as an … Read more