Ex-PBA Player Shot by a Boy, 15, After He Fails to Give Money

Ex-PBA Player Got Shot by a 15-year-old Boy Who Asked for Money From Him Ex-PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) player Eliud Poligrates was wounded after being shot by a 15-year-old boy who asked for money from him. On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, former PBA player Eliud “Eloy” Poligrates is injured in the leg during a shooting … Read more

Kind-Hearted Lady Earns Praises After Breastfeeding Female Beggar’s Baby

Kind-Hearted Lady

Inspiring Photos of Kind-Hearted Lady Breastfeeding Female Beggar’s Baby Earn Praises Online A kind-hearted lady earned praises and admiration on social media after breastfeeding the baby of a female beggar. A Facebook user named Argel’s Shoppee Rtw has shared the photos of a kind-hearted lady who breastfeeds the female beggar’s baby. The post garnered various … Read more

Concerned Lady Wants Gov’t to Give “Ayuda” to Homeless People & Beggars

Concerned Lady

Concerned Lady Expresses Concern Towards Homeless People & Beggars Not Included for “Ayuda” A concerned lady asked the national government to give “Ayuda” or financial aid to homeless people and beggars amid the health crisis. A Facebook user named Violet Macalalad has shared the photo of a street dweller begging money along small alley. The … Read more

Man Runs Amok After Money Begged to Buy Cigarette Inadequate

Man Begged for Money to Buy Cigarette Runs Amok for Insufficient Money A man in Calasiao, Pangasinan arrested after he runs amok because the money he begged to buy a cigarette was inadequate. According to the report of GMA News, a man who was begging for his cigarette fell in jail after allegedly punching and … Read more