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PARTS OF SPEECH: Guide on the Definition of Adjectives & Its Examples

ADJECTIVES – Here is the definition of adjectives, one of the parts of speech, and its examples.

Aside from the noun and pronoun, another widely-used part of speech in English is the adjective. It is often used in giving a description about a noun which refers to a name of person, place, thing, event, etc.

In this article, we will discuss about adjectives and its examples. We will also be posting some sample sentences that use this part of speech in English.



Based on Grammarly, this part of speech in English describes the qualities or the noun’s state of being. It can also indicate the quantity of the noun in a sentence.


  • Beautiful
  • Old
  • Five
  • Dirty
  • Bluish
  • Rainy
  • Frequent
  • Sour
  • Sticky
  • Only

A single phrase or sentence could have one or more adjectives based on the article. Often, when it comes in multiple, it is separated by a comma.


  • big, concrete houses
  • four yellow cars
  • small, funny man
  • huge, empty corridors
  • nine big airplanes

Sample Sentences Using Adjectives

  1. The big dog went outside the gate without its family members knowing about it.
  2. Three red roses were given by Simon to Josephine during their 3rd wedding anniversary.
  3. The black pouch was found by Liliane at an old cemetery and it contains two(2) paper bills.
  4. Five(5) cute puppies followed him on his way home.
  5. The strict teacher gathered the projects of her students on time.
  6. The lengthy article was posted on the bulletin board.
  7. Seeing a black cat seems to be not a good way to start day.
  8. Seven(7) policemen were seen outside their house waiting for Dr. Ferdinand Mauricio to come out.
  9. The yellow labrador was Thirdy’s favorite pet.
  10. Sheila is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez.

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