Adjectives Meaning & Examples of this Part of Speech

Adjectives Meaning

ADJECTIVES MEANING – You can read the details below for the definition and examples of adjectives which is one of the parts of speech. There are several parts of speech and they are among the most basic topics in learning English. Mastering the parts of speech will make a lot of the succeeding topics easier … Read more

8 Parts of Speech: The Function of Each & the Examples

8 Parts of Speech

8 PARTS OF SPEECH – Let us go over these eight parts of speech, their functions, and some examples under each. The English subject is a wide one and it is important to start learning and mastering the basic topics before jumping into more complicated ones. You can start with learning the 8 parts of … Read more

Adjective Examples in Sentences – Here are samples…

Adjective Examples in Sentences

ADJECTIVE EXAMPLES IN SENTENCES – Below are sample adjectives, parts of speech, or action words that are used in sentences. There are eight parts of speech and one of them is the adjective. It is widely known as an action word. However, not all words that denote action is serving as an adjective in the … Read more

What Is An Adjective & What Are Its Examples

What Is An Adjective

WHAT IS AN ADJECTIVE – Below is the meaning of this part of speech and some examples of adjectives or action words. To learn English in a more systematic or easier way, it is best to get yourself familiar with the eight parts of speech. One of them is adjective or what is usually defined … Read more

Adjective Examples – Here are Samples of Action Words

Adjective Examples

ADJECTIVE EXAMPLES – Here are some samples of adjectives, one of the eight parts of speech, or action words. The eight parts of speech is one of the basic and fundamental topics in learning English. One of them is adjectives or also known as action word. Let us dig deeper on its definition and some … Read more

ADJECTIVE WORD ORDER: Rules in Arranging Adjectives & Examples


ADJECTIVE WORD ORDER: The Correct Way Of Arranging Adjectives Orderly With Examples ADJECTIVE WORD ORDER – In this topic, we will discuss the correct way of arranging multiple adjectives with some examples. Previously on our lesson about adjectives, we have tackled the 5 kinds of adjectives : descriptive, demonstrative, interrogative, possessive, and numerical. On our … Read more

Parts of Speech and Their Definition & Examples

Parts of Speech

List of 8 Parts of Speech & their Definition, Examples PARTS OF SPEECH – Here is a list of the eight (8) parts of speech, their definition, and some examples. In English, there are these parts of speech which are often discussed in our elementary and secondary years. They are among the basic components of … Read more

ADJECTIVES: Its Definition & Examples | Parts of Speech


PARTS OF SPEECH: Guide on the Definition of Adjectives & Its Examples ADJECTIVES – Here is the definition of adjectives, one of the parts of speech, and its examples. Aside from the noun and pronoun, another widely-used part of speech in English is the adjective. It is often used in giving a description about a … Read more