Kris Aquino On Issue With Nicko Falcis: “Bakit ko papatawarin?”

Kris Aquino is not willing to forgive Falcis anymore.

KRIS AQUINO – The social media influencer Kris Aquino says no space in her heart to forgive Nicko Falcis anymore following controversial issues.

KCAP’s former managing director Nicko Falcis and KCAP’s boss social media influencer were recently the most talked-about personalities with regards to their monetary issues of the company which has reached more than a million.

They have had these exchange of threats and accusations and even filed charges against each other. Kris was sticking to be in silence as she is determined to take everything in court while the Falcis family have continued to attack her through social media posts.

In recent uploaded vlogs of Kris on her digital channel, she was asked about the issue with Falcis and she gritting teeth while uttering her responses and have always been firm in saying of no space of forgiveness in her heart for the person who betrayed her and tainted her reputation such as how worse she is as a person.

Kris Aquino

“There’s no remorse. And there’s nothing but hatred being thrown my way. And there has been zero gratitude when I earned millions for him. Niloko na ‘ko. Dinaya na ‘ko. Pinapamukha pang ako ang pinakawalanghiyang tao sa mundo. Bakit ko papatawarin? E, di ang buong Pilipinas sasabihin naman, ‘Ang pinakatangang tao sa Pilipinas si Kris Aquino.’ No!” she said.

She indicated that she can forget but she is no saint to forgive and the wisest thing that she can just do now that she claims that she had grown up and became more mature is to just ignore.

Watch below:

In a particular website, here are some reactions of the netizens to this:

Aminin nyo man sa hindi. Kris will always be relevant in our lives. With or without mainstream exposure. Kris is Kris.

I watched the videos but sorry ha I can still smell inauthenticity of Kris. She’s maybe generous and all but for me she seems to be someone who wants to get all the attention.

Love her! Ganda ng responses nya dito.


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