Darryl Yap Reacts To “Patutsada” From Kris Aquino

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Darryl Yap shared this article about Kris Aquino Maid in Malacanang writer-director Darryl Yap reacted to the “patutsada” from Queen of all Media Kris Aquino. Darryl’s most recent movie is about the Marcos family. In MiM, the first installment in his trilogy, a scene featured Kris’s mother, former President Cory Aquino. This was slammed by … Read more

Kris Aquino Pens Emotional Message For Ninoy Aquino

Kris Aquino

For Ninoy Aquino’s 90th birthday, Kris Aquino has this message. KRIS AQUINO – For the 90th birthday of late former senator Ninoy Aquino, Kris Aquino penned this emotional message and shares it online. In 2004, Republic Act No. 2956 declaring August 21 of every year as “Ninoy Aquino Day” has been signed into law. It is … Read more

Kris Aquino Shares Her Sons are the Reason to Keep Fighting Illness

Kris Aquino Sons

Kris Aquino Admitted She Keeps Fighting Her Illness Because of Her Sons The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino admitted that the main reason she keeps fighting against her illness is her sons Josh and Bimby. Kris recently shared some images of her sons Kuya Josh and Bimby on Instagram. She posted several pictures and … Read more

Kris Aquino Says “Bawal Sumuko” In Recent Health Update

Kris Aquino

In a recent post, Kris Aquino gives an update about her health. KRIS AQUINO – Former actress and TV personality, Kris Aquino shares another update about her health saying “bawal sumuko”. Last June, Kris Aquino flew to the United States because of her autoimmune disease and after being diagnosed with ‘ultra-rare’ disease EGPA or Eosinophilic … Read more

Kris Aquino Spotted Shopping in US? Cristy Fermin Gives Update

Cristy Fermin Clarifies Fake News Claiming Kris Aquino was Spotted Shopping in US The veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin debunks some fake news claiming that the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino was spotted shopping in the US. The public is confused about which of the rumors about Kris Aquino’s condition is confirmed to be … Read more

Cristy Fermin Contradicts Kris Aquino’s Recent Health Update

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Cristy Fermin talked about Kris Aquino in her recent YouTube show Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin contradicted actress-host Kris Aquino‘s recent health update. A source close to Kris shared just recently that she is getting better now and has gained weight already. Her friend, former entertainment editor Dindo Balares said that the actress-host is set … Read more