Aquino Versus Falcis: Saga Of Controversial Threats & Accusations

The saga continues over feud of Aquino versus Falcis.

AQUINO VERSUS FALCIS – The story and saga of the publicized feud of controversial threats and accusations between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis.

One of the most highly publicized celebrity feud is that of between Queen of All Media Kris Aquino and KCAP’s former managing director Nicko Falcis. Kris has filed 44 counts of theft against him and him, in return, was attacking her for being a bully and refuting the complaints as “baseless and malicious”.

Aquino Versus Falcis

He is accused of using the Kristina C. Aquino Productions (KCAP) credit card for his personal use instead for business purposes to which the amount initially involved reached more than a million.

In an exclusive report from ANC as uploaded in YouTube, the continuous series of threats and accusations between the two personalities was featured. Nicko vehemently denying the accusations and Kris Aquino being firm in insisting that she is telling the truth.

Nicko, on his part admitted that Kris is not a liar but she can “fabricate the truth” and that is accordingly her “best gift”. And he “never” expected that their feud would actually have ignited because of monetary issues.

Aquino Versus Falcis

Meanwhile, Kris’ party was focused with the issues about the money as according to their initial complaint and they were also complaining that instead for Nicko’s party to file a counter affidavit, they were getting out of track saying relevant matters such as Kris being a “bully” and him abusing his credit card powers.

Kris’ lawyer was also saying that instead of addressing the issues and complaints about using Nicko stealing from Kris, he was taking bullying and alleged death threats from Kris he was receiving as defense which is not included of the topic.

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