Kris Aquino Chronic Disease Finally Revealed

Actress Kris Aquino chronic disease finally revealed.

KRIS AQUINO – The famous actress Kris Aquino chronic disease finally revealed as she opened up to people about her sickness through an Instagram post.

In a previous article, the netizens were clueless about the health status of Kris Aquino where it reached the point that she has to fly to abroad to seek further medical attention.

Kris Aquino Chronic Disease

She has to fly to Singapore and one factor contributed to her weight loss is when someone betrayed her just under her shoes. Someone who she accordingly trusts with her money. Aquino declared war upon betrayal and really got affected. She accordingly lost a lot from her hard-earned money and lambasted someone’s comment “pera lang yan“.

Kris Aquino Chronic Disease
Photo grabbed on IG (@krisaquino)

Moreover, expecting crucial results from her Singaporean doctors, Kris said, “No drama, but no need for me to put up a brave front either- i just want to be healthy enough for the 2 boys i love most…”

Kris Aquino Chronic Disease

And now, after some time, Kris finally shared her condition which bothered her followers.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, she shared that she was diagnosed with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and hers is an autoimmune disease. It was a pain for her knowing someone who earned millions from her betrayed her and used her money for luxury, thus, her health deteriorated.

She was scared when she lost 15 pounds in just a month for her mother also had an unexplainable weight loss then, before cancer diagnosis. Aquino had a series of blood tests and resulted in autoimmune disease diagnosis just like what happened to Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Wendy Williams. They were afraid that it was Lupus.

Bimby accordingly was crying inconsolable tears and even offered his kidney for her.

Kris Aquino Chronic Disease
Photo grabbed on IG (@krisaquino)

“Kaya nagmadali kaming lumipad ng Singapore for me to get the most thorough medical evaluation.”

She added, “I am now, and for the rest of my existence will be, on high dosage antihistamines and having the EpiPen will always be crucial.”

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