Kris Aquino Declares War To The Person Who Betrayed Her

Kris Aquino is ready to fight the person who betrayed her

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino declares war to the person who betrayed her.

Kris revealed through her Instagram account that a certain person broke her trust and that really affected her.

She was not able to eat and sleep properly because of what happened. What triggered her more to worry is the fact that the problem might affect the future of her sons.

Kris Aquino
(file photo)

The social media influencer had been working hard for her sons to have a comfortable life and she will do anything to make sure that will happen.

On the other hand, she said that someone has betrayed her and she lost weight because of the stress brought by this problem.

Her health was compromised to the point that she needed medical attention in Singapore.

She is turning her pain into strength. Kris is definitely doing her best to claim what is for her.

As a mother, Kris Aquino will do anything to fight for the welfare of Josh and Bimby.

On her recent Instagram post, the Queen of all Media is ready to fight and she has no intention to take down her armor.

#Laban, Kris used this on her recent IG post. As part of her fight for her sons, she said that her legal team will do anything to make sure she will win.

“Fortun Narvasa and Divina Law will uphold my firm belief that JUSTICE is a right every law abiding Filipino should protect, defend, and fight for. (To battle fairly & with no political agenda we chose 2 law firms that had no ties to my brother’s administration.),” Kris Aquino stressed out.

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