Kris Aquino Betrayed By This Person, Lolit Solis Gives Hint

Lolit Solis gives hint to about the person who betrayed Kris Aquino 

Entertainment columnist Lolit Solis gave hint about the person who betrayed Queen of all Media Kris Aquino.

Just recently, Kris shared through her social media post the reason why she has not posted any photo of her is because she lost weight.

She also elaborated that it is because the betrayal of someone close to her affected her that much.

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Kris shared a photo of her showing that she really lost weight. However, she did not mention who is the person who betrayed nor give a slightest hint about the culprit.

The said person who betrayed her took her money which she intended for the future of her sons, Josh and Bimby.

She also shared that she did not expect that she will experience this kind of pain from someone she trusted.

Kris made sure that her legal team is working on this problem.

On the other hand, Lolit Solis’ recent Instagram post, somehow lighted the shadow of the person who betrayed Kris Aquino.

A source who knew the person who betrayed Kris said to the entertainment columnist that the person came from a respected family.

Lolit Solis
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It was said that the grandmother and the aunt of that person offered to return Kris’ money.

In addition, that person also has a special friend who is a well-known actor.

“May balita pa na may special friend daw na actor ang naturang tao kaya nagawa , at baka fall guy na lang ang pinagbintangan nagnakaw o nagtakbo ng pera,” Lolit revealed on her post.

The entertainment columnist also entertains the possibility that this is another case of crime of passion.

“Masalimuot ang mga istoryang kumakalat at kung tutoo, isa na naman crime of passion, dahil sa pagmamahal kaya nangyari ang lahat,” she added.

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