Kris Aquino Awaits Most Crucial Medical Results From Singapore

Kris Aquino says she’s expecting her most crucial medical results from Singapore

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino is anticipating her most crucial medical results from Singapore.

Last week of September, Kris shared on her Instagram account that she needed to fly abroad to seek medical attention.

Kris Aquino
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This is due to several sleepless nights and without proper food intake following the stress she got from the person who betrayed her.

Despite of this, she is ready to fight for her loved ones, especially for her sons Josh and Bimby.

Because of this problem, Kris said she lost weight. In order to address her medical concern, she sought the expertise of Singaporean physicians.

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Initial results stated that “tests for any tumor markers were negative“. 

It was also mentioned in a previous article that Kris Aquino is trying her best to follow the advice of her Singaporean doctor.

She was told to ease all her burdens that contribute in deteriorating her health.

On her recent Instagram post, the social media influencer shared that she is expecting her last & most crucial medical results.

It is expected to arrive from Singapore on October 11.  Kris also said that the first batch of results came last Monday.

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She was thankful for the first result and she is expecting that the last one would also bring her joy.

“No drama, but no need for me to put up a brave front either- i just want to be healthy enough for the 2 boys i love most…” Kris said on her post.

Behind all of these, the Queen of all Media is still hopeful that the best is yet to come.

For Kris Aquino, life has to continue and she is back to work. She shared that she will be doing a TV commercial for the fast food chain that she is endorsing.

Read her post about this.

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