Kris Aquino ‘s Health Status Prompts Her To Seek Medical Attention Abroad

Kris Aquino to fly to Singapore to seek medical attention

The health status of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino prompts her to seek medical attention abroad.

Previously, she revealed that she lost weight  because of the betrayal she experienced from someone.

Kris said that her health condition was really affected because of what happened.

Kris Aquino
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She did not divulge further the details about the person who betrayed her.

In a previous report, entertainment columnist Lolit Solis gave hint about the person.

Despite of her physical condition, the social media influencer continues to fight for her love ones, especially for her sons, Josh and Bimby.

She said that she is making sure that her legal team will make things right.

“Betrayal in any form is heartbreaking, but the attempt of this man & his brother- who never met nor even conversed with me in any form- to alter FACTS by deceitfully & maliciously attacking my family’s honor & credibility, strengthened my resolve to use all legal means for TRUTH TO WIN.”

On her recent Instagram post, Kris Aquino shared a press statement from her lawyers regarding the person who betrayed her.

It was said that she will fly to Singapore to obtain proper medical assessment.

She already took tests in the Philippines last September 21 and 26. However, she was advised to seek the opinion of physicians abroad who are expert in the field concerning her health.

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Kris Aquino will leave with her sons but she chose not to disclose anymore details regarding her medical condition.

This comes from her intention not to cause more stress to Josh and Bimby.

Furthermore, Kris said that she has faith to her doctors and well to the Creator that she will survive this phase of her life.

She aims to be with her sons and will continue to care and support them in the coming years.

The Queen of all Media also thanked all the people who showed support to her, especially those who are praying for her in this difficult time.

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