Apollo Quiboloy Issue — Gratitude & Friendship with the Pastor Shouldn’t Dim Investigations of Serious Allegations

Senate Panel Cites Contempt Against KOJC Leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Reflecting on the issue involving Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, his “good acts” and the friendships he has with some senators must not dim the investigation of the serious allegations against him.

One of the issues that is being tackled in the Senate now is the complaints against Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) leader Apollo Quiboloy. There were serious allegations against the Pastor but the public did not hear his side after he repeatedly ignored the subpoena issued by the Senate.

Robin Padilla, Apollo Quiboloy, Cynthia Villar

After complaints against Pastor Quiboloy were aired and not even a shadow of the religious leader came, the Senate Panel decided to cite him in contempt. However, a few minutes after, Senator Robin Padilla raised his objection to the arrest warrant against the KOJC leader.

Padilla needs majority of all the members of the Senate within seven (7) days to officially block the arrent warrant against the Pastor. Thus, he needs the support of eight fellow lawmakers in the Senate.

Padilla stressed that the issue is already in the hands of the Department of Justice (DOJ). He also emphasized the separation of the church and the state. According to him, if the Senate probe continues, it will already be affecting the religion side.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros emphasized that the investigation is not centered on KOJC, which is led by the Pastor, but on the alleged acts committed “under the cover of a religious organization”.

Padilla also stressed that Quiboloy help fought the communists through the SMNI channel airing the efforts of the government. With regards to their friendship, the Senator admitted that he was given free airtime in SMNI and a helicopter was lent by the Pastor to him during the campaign period.

Hindi deserve para sa mga mata ko na ang isang taong tingin kong bayani sa pakikipaglaban niya sa komunista na naging kasama ko, e ganitong klase papayagan ko…? Nasaan ang utang na loob natin sa serbisyo ng taong ito na inalay niya sa paglaban sa komunista?” Padilla said.

Also one of the supporters who opposed the arrest warrant against Pastor Quiboloy is Sen. Cynthia Villar which cited her decade-long friendship with the KOJC leader.

“Kaibigan ko si Pastor Quiboloy. Mabait siya sa aming pamilya…Matagal ko na siya kilala. Parang ‘di naman siya ‘yung gagawa ng ganon. Kami ni Imee pareho namin siyang kilala. As well ‘yung mga Mindanaoan. Maayos naman siya… nakakahiya naman na ako pahuhuli ko siya… You don’t do that to a friend,” the Senator said.

Aside from Senators Padilla and Villar, Senators Imee Marcos, Bong Go, and JV Ejercito have also signed an objection to the arrest of the Pastor. After a few hours, Sen. Ejercito released a statement withdrawing his support citing a “thoughtful contemplation” and in consideration of serious allegations against the Pastor.

The case is undeniably very wide to tackle and many truths have surely yet to be revealed. There is no certainty whether or not the allegations are true.

However, isn’t it justifiable that Senators must separate their friendships and personal relationships in the treatment of an issue as big as this? Furthermore, is it already a sign of a lack of gratitude for the alleged good things done when someone will be called for a probe of the serious allegations against him? This ain’t the first time that the Senate called for someone who is facing serious allegations.

I humbly believe that issues like such must be treated based on the allegations raised against a person — not by anyone’s friendship with him or how he’s known to be as a person or by any great thing he has done in the past. None of us is possibly as transparent as the water and serious issues like this required in-depth investigation.

I believe in the Pastor’s right for a legal process and he remains innocent while he is not proven guilty of the allegations against him. I also believe in each Senator’s right to make a stand over the issue. However, it is my humble hope that the move will be based on deep and logical basis whether it is in support or objection of the Senate panel’s move on the issue.

Disclaimer: The content of the article posted above is an opinion of the writer. Also, the citations provided are based on the information deemed as facts by the different legit sources that contribute to the basis of the making of the whole viewpoint. The writer does not, in any form, intend to create inaccurate understanding of the topic or influence the readers instead, express one’s viewpoint in a formal manner.

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