Wuhan Virus In Japan – 1st Case Not Linked To China

Wuhan Virus Confirmed In Japan But Not Linked To China Travel WUHAN VIRUS IN JAPAN – Previously, all confirmed cases outside of China had one thing in common, the patients have had a history of recent travel to China. However, in Japan, the first case of the coronavirus not linked to recent travel to China … Read more

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Reaches 106, 4600+ Infected

Number Of Infected From Wuhan Virus Skyrockets To 4600, Death Toll Now 106 WUHAN VIRUS DEATH TOLL – In just a few days, the number of infected grew by about 65% while the death toll for the virus has reached 106. According to a report from CNN, the outbreak already had 4,600 confirmed cases in … Read more

Coronavirus Outbreak May Have More Than One Point Of Origin

According To Research Wuhan May Not Be The Only Point Of Origin Of The Coronavirus Outbreak CORNAVIRUS OUTBREAK – As the new coronavirus outbreak runs rampant throughout China, researchers are racing to stop the virus on its tracks. However, some experts believe that this task would be extremely difficult. Because of the outbreak that was … Read more

Wuhan Virus Thermonuclear Pandemic Level Bad – Harvard Epidemiologist

Harvard Epidemiologist Calls Wuhan Virus “Thermonuclear Pandemic Level Bad” WUHAN VIRUS THERMONUCLEAR PANDEMIC – A Harvard epidemiologist published his analysis of the Wuhan coronavirus and called it “Thermonuclear Pandemic Level Bad”. Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist from Harvard published his alarming analysis of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak on Twitter. He added that the new coronavirus … Read more

100,000 People Infected With Wuhan Coronavirus Experts Suggest

Experts Suggest Around 100,000 People Already Infected With Wuhan Coronavirus 100,000 PEOPLE INFECTED – China is now suffering from a massive outbreak of the new coronavirus that started in Wuhan. Based on an article from the Independent, experts suggest that the actual number of infected could be much higher than what the government has reported. … Read more

Wuhan Virus Contagious Two Weeks Before Symptoms Appear

Chinese Gov’t Warns Wuhan Virus Contagious Before Symptoms Appear WUHAN VIRUS CONTAGIOUS – The Chinese Government warned that the new coronavirus strain from Wuhan appeared to be contagious as much as two weeks before symptoms appear. During a press briefing, China’s head of the National Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei said that their knowledge of the … Read more

Coronavirus: 2 Women Suspected Of nCoV Infection Gave Birth In Wuhan

Coronavirus women gave birth Wuhan 3

2 Women Suspected Of Coronavirus Infection Gave Birth In Wuhan CORONAVIRUS – Two women suspected of coronavirus infection successfully gave birth to healthy babies at hospitals in Wuhan, China. The 2019 novel coronavirus (NCoV) that is originated in Wuhan, China has infected more than a thousand people and killed 26. The deadly virus is spreading … Read more

Wuhan Coronavirus In Nepal – Health Authorities Confirms

Wuhan Coronavirus Confirmed In Nepal WUHAN CORONAVIRUS IN NEPAL – The coronavirus has been spreading worldwide with several confirmed cases outside of mainland China. The devastating new coronavirus had already taken 41 lives and infected more than a thousand individuals worldwide. The virus already had two confirmed cases in the United States and three were … Read more

Youngest Fatality Of Coronavirus Was 36-Years-Old, Experts Concerned

Experts Raise Concern As Wuhan Coronavirus Has Youngest Fatality At 36-Years-Old YOUNGEST CORONAVIRUS FATALITY – Previously, the fatalities of the Wuhan coronavirus ranged from 65-80 years old. The fatalities of the virus were admittedly old with the previous youngest victim being a 48-year-old woman with a history of diabetes. However, one of the latest fatalities … Read more

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Reaches 41, Almost All Provinces Infected

Death Toll For Wuhan Virus Up By 15 In Less Than 24 Hours WUHAN VIRUS DEATH TOLL – Fifteen more people were confirmed to have died due to the Wuhan coronavirus according to the provincial health authority. This totals the death toll to 41 in Mainland China as health officials struggle to contain the virus. … Read more