Coronavirus Death Toll Now 361, Total Number Of Cases Over 16,000

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Reach 361 With Over 16,000 Confirmed Cases CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus has continued to plague China over the weekend. In just over a little over two days, the death toll for the new coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China had reached 361. Meanwhile, at least … Read more

Virus Simulation Kills 65 Million People In 18 Months – Scientist

Scientist Claims Their Virus Simulation Kills 65 Million People VIRUS SIMULATION KILLS 65 MILLION PEOPLE – According to Eric Toner, a scientist at John Hopkins Center for Health security, they weren’t surprised about the coronavirus outbreak in China. According to Toner, he staged a simulation of a global pandemic using a coronavirus three months prior … Read more

Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks In Hong Kong, Now She Wears One

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks Last Year, Now She Wears One CARRIE LAM – The Hong Kong Chief Executive had previously banned the use of face masks in Hong Kong but now, she is wearing one. Just a few months ago, government officials from Hong Kong wearing face masks would be … Read more

China Death Toll Rises To 259, Number Of Infected More Than 11,000

Death Toll In China Rises To 258 With More Than 11,000 Infected CHINA DEATH TOLL – The rampant coronavirus epidemic that has plagued China has infected more than 11,000 people and killed 259. The new coronavirus that was first discovered in Wuhan had been responsible for 45 new fatalities. Meanwhile, the number of new cases … Read more

U.S Reports First Case Person-to-Person Transmission of New Coronavirus

U.S Reports First Case Person-to-Person Transmission of New Coronavirus Health officials in the U.S reports Thursday the first case of the person-to-person spread of the new coronavirus from Wuhan, China. The new patient is the spouse of a Chicago woman who carried the infection back from Wuhan, China, the US Centers for Disease Control said … Read more

Death Toll For Wuhan Virus Rises 213, Confirmed Cases Over 9000

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Rises To 213 With Over 9000 Cases Confirmed DEATH TOLL FOR WUHAN VIRUS – According to health authorities from China, the death toll for the new Wuhan coronavirus had reached 213 with over 9000 cases confirmed. As the number of confirmed cases continued to rise, the World Health Organization (WHO) had … Read more

Wuhan Virus Now Global Emergency According To WHO

WHO Declares Wuhan Virus As Global Emergency WUHAN VIRUS NOW GLOBAL EMERGENCY – After its deliberation on Thursday, the World Health Organization has declared the Wuhan coronavirus as a global emergency. The Virus has run rampant in mainland China and had infected over 8000 people. In addition, the death toll for the virus had already … Read more

Countries Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan As PH Welcomes Chinese

Countries Begin To Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan While Chinese Tourist Roam PH COUNTRIES EVACUATE CITIZENS FROM WUHAN – Global alarm continued to rise amidst the massive outbreak of the new Wuhan coronavirus. In just under 24 hours, the virus had killed 169 people and infected more than 1000 more. Because of this, countries have begun … Read more

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Now At 169, 1000 New Cases Confirmed

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Reaches 169, More Than 1000 New Cases Confirmed WUHAN VIRUS DEATH TOLL – As the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus continued, the death toll for the virus has reached 169. Meanwhile, at the epicenter of the outbreak, the province of Hubei had reported 1,032 new confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus. … Read more