Wuhan Virus Contagious Two Weeks Before Symptoms Appear

Chinese Gov’t Warns Wuhan Virus Contagious Before Symptoms Appear

WUHAN VIRUS CONTAGIOUS – The Chinese Government warned that the new coronavirus strain from Wuhan appeared to be contagious as much as two weeks before symptoms appear.

Wuhan Virus Contagious Two Weeks Before Symptoms Appear
Image from: Quartz

During a press briefing, China’s head of the National Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei said that their knowledge of the virus was still “limited” and that it would continue for “some time”.

Most of the infected were exposed to the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. There, wildlife trade is rampant and was believed to be the source of the virus.

In addition, the genetic analysis of the virus suggested that the new coronavirus originated in fruit bats. This makes it similar to the SARS outbreak of which infected thousand and killed over 700 people.

However, people infected with SARs generally developed symptoms within a few weeks following the infection. Meanwhile, Ma stated that the new Wuhan virus was said to be contagious for as many as 17 days before symptoms show.

Wuhan Virus Contagious Two Weeks Before Symptoms Appear
Image from: Quartz

With the rampant spread of the virus, the Chinese Government has temporarily banned the trade of wildlife. But, this decision sparked questions on whether or not the ban would be permanent.

Many exotic species are consumed as delicacies in China and other Asian countries. Some of these animals include civet, some rats, or bats. However, this brings elevated human health risks.

Because of the lax laws on wildlife trade, some experts believed that China could be a breeding ground for new viruses only found in the wild.

According to Christian Walzer, chief global veterinarian at the Wildlife Conservation Society, the measure was an “important step”. But, he emphasized that the ban needed to be permanent.

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