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According To Research Wuhan May Not Be The Only Point Of Origin Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

CORNAVIRUS OUTBREAK – As the new coronavirus outbreak runs rampant throughout China, researchers are racing to stop the virus on its tracks.

Coronavirus Outbreak May Have More Than One Point Of Origin
Image from: The New York Times

However, some experts believe that this task would be extremely difficult. Because of the outbreak that was believed to have begun in Wuhan, cities have been quarantined.

But, recent reports by the Lancet medical journal express doubts that the Wuhan food market was the original source of the coronavirus.

Based on an article from Caixinglobal, it was largely believed that the virus outbreak began in the said food market. But, research on the first 41 hospitalized patients revealed that 14 people had no contact with the market.

This suggests there is more than one point of origin for the new coronavirus. In lieu of this, Cao Bin, one of the authors of the journal said that this was a clear indication that the seafood market was not the only origin of the virus.

As per the article, he emphasized that they still do not know where the virus actually came from. Previously, the virus was linked to wild animals such as bats and civets cats.

Following this, several videos circulated online that showed a woman eating “bat soup”. However, there are some that say the video was fake.

Along with this, several experts have now said that the new coronavirus could be potentially 10x worse than sars. In addition, a Harvard epidemiologist said that it could be worse than the Spanish Influenza outbreak.

Meanwhile, there were also conspiracy theories online that have linked the virus to China’s biological warfare program.

According to the analyst, the deadly-animal-borne coronavirus that has spread globally could have come from a laboratory in Wuhan affiliated with China’s covert biological weapons program.

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