Mayor Baste Duterte Answers if Davao is Still a Livable City

Mayor Baste Duterte Answers Netizen Asking if Davao is Still a Livable City Mayor Sebastian ‘Baste’ Duterte answered the question of a netizen allegedly asking if Davao City is still a livable city. A citizen complained to the mayor of Davao City about an apparent lack of water supply in their community. The netizen in … Read more

NWRB Reveals Water Supply Condition in Metro Manila for Summer

Water Supply Condition

Water Supply Condition in Metro Manila for Summer Revealed by NWRB The National Water Resources Board revealed the water supply condition in Metro Manila for the upcoming summer season. On Friday (March 5, 2021), NWRB executive director Dr. Sevillo David Jr. reported that the Metro Manila will have a sufficient supply of water for the upcoming … Read more

Water Supply is Enough Until June Amid Dipping Level of Angat Dam

NWRB Says Water Supply will Last Until June as the Level of Angat Dam is Still Dipping The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) said Thursday, the water supply is still enough until June while the water level in Angat Dam is expected to drop further. The water supply in Metro Manila is still enough for … Read more

Angat Dam Water Level Rises: About A Meter Increase

The Water Level In Angat Dam Increased By A Meter ANGAT DAM – For month, numerous reports of constant decrease in Angat’s water level kept coming, fortunately, an increase in its levels was reported recently. As a major necessity, it is always a bad news to have water supply crises in your area. In the … Read more

Huge City In India Almost Completely Out Of Water

The Sixth Biggest City In India Is Almost Out Of Water HUGE CITY – Chennai – the sixth biggest city in India is almost completely out of water due to a supply deficit in their water reservoirs. India has been in several reports recently after suffering from disastrous troubles. After getting struck by an earthquake, … Read more

Water Crisis In Metro Manila To Be Resolved By 2021

The Water Crisis In Metro Manila Could Be Solved By Year 2021 WATER CRISIS – Water supply shortages in Metro Manila could finally be fixed in the next two years with the new water project presented. Shortages in water supply in Metro Manila has been a recurring problems to the residents in the past few … Read more

Water Supply Deficit In Metro Manila

Water Supply Shortages Have Been A Major Problem In Some Areas In Metro Manila WATER SUPPLY – A water crisis happened recently in Metro Manila affecting several residents and urging government bodies to react. Following the water shortage, the board of Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System or MWSS decided to penalize Ayala-led company Manila Water … Read more

Angat Dam Close to Critical Level

The weather bureau said Wednesday that the water level of the Angat Dam may hit critical level in the next five days unless a thunderstorm with enough rainfall breaks the dry spell. The Angat Dam situated in Bulacan province supplies the water needs of Metro Manila and provides irrigation to Central Luzon. “We expect that … Read more