Angat Dam Water Level Rises: About A Meter Increase

The Water Level In Angat Dam Increased By A Meter

ANGAT DAM – For month, numerous reports of constant decrease in Angat’s water level kept coming, fortunately, an increase in its levels was reported recently.

angat dam
Photo taken from BusinessWorld

As a major necessity, it is always a bad news to have water supply crises in your area. In the past month, reports about Angat dam dipping to critically low levels have been appearing massively.

Back in the last days of June, there were reports, that Angat Dam could dip to its lowest level.

This raised concerns and able people made efforts to try and alleviate the cause of the decrease or look for other ways to supply the dam with adequate amounts of water.

Meanwhile, in a recent report, the water levels in Angat rose by a meter after recurring rainfalls over a few days.

According to PAG-ASA’s data on Saturday, by 6 a.m., the water supply level at the dam was at 161.35 meters.

A tad bit over a meter higher than the 160.16 meters recorded last Friday at the same time.

Same report on La Mesa Dam’s water supply level. A slight increase was observed, the level went from 73.09 meters last Friday to 73.21 meters today.

Both La Mesa And Angat dams provide the major supply of water for most of Mentro Manila.

This is according to an article from GMA News.

For the other dams, some had increases and some still had decreases.

  • Ipo: 100.91 meters (from 100.97 meters)
  • Ambuklao: 743.68 meters (from 743.11 meters)
  • Binga: 568.79 meters (from 568.34 meters)
  • San Roque: 230.77 meters (from 230.74 meters)
  • Pantabangan: 189.18 meters (from 189.02 meters)
  • Magat: 180.31 meters (from 180.60 meters)
  • Caliraya: 286.25 meters (from 286.35 meters)

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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