Travel Packing List – A Simple Guide On What To Pack

Travel Packing List

TRAVEL PACKING LIST – To avoid overpacking or underpacking, here’s a list of items you might want to see to know what to bring on a trip. Whenever we travel, most of the time, we tend to under-pack forcing us to spend money on items we could have just brought with us from home. But … Read more

Travel Hacks For Beginners or First Timers

Travel Hacks For Beginners

TRAVEL HACKS FOR BEGINNERS – An effective way to save money is knowing some hacks and here are some tips for the first-timers. Travel hacking is a great way to plan trips whether you are on a budget or not. If you are a first-timer in a place or country, here are some tips that … Read more

Travel Tips: Spot A Bad Hotel That Can Ruin Your Vacation

travel tips hotel red flag

Know these travel tips in spotting the right hotel for you Travel Tips – Know how to spot a bad hotel that can ruin your much-awaited and planned vacation. Many people love a well-planned vacation and there are even those who plan their getaway for a very long time. However, sometimes, expectation versus reality strikes … Read more